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Sometimes I find it difficult in getting and keeping clients
It’s sometimes difficult in constantly coming up with exercise ideas, routines and workout structures for my clients
I want to improve the way I approach prospects – whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone or walking the floor
I often find it intimidating asking for the sale and I would like tactics and strategies so clients say “yes” easily to what I have to offer
I would like to have powerful sales presentation skills that converts clients effortlessly
Because of the overwhelming competition, I’m finding it more difficult in finding new clients, keeping them and giving competitive service
Do you sometimes feel the more experienced Personal Trainers are affecting your ability in getting clients?
I could see myself benefiting from strong Nutrition skills so I can better understand, help and serve my clients needs
I would like to know strategies where business chases me rather than me having to constantly approach clients
Having an ‘automatic’ client getting strategy that works all-year- round without much face-to-face involvement is something I could benefit from