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John brings Top-Level, 'Tells you how it is' fitness marketing, sales and branding systems to regular PT businesses across Melbourne. He's the go-to specialist for Melbourne based fitness businesses.

If you're finding it difficult to get leads, close sales, implement business systems, retain clients or sell at higher prices...then we're looking for you!

Most PT's quit, feel depressed and are down-right frustrated with their business. But what if there was an answer to all your fitness business problems?

There is.

We are seeking PT's who want to totally transform, change and take control of their business.

And it doesn't matter what kind of fitness business you have, whether it's:

  • Your Own Gym
  • Studio
  • Work From Home
  • Gym Contractor
  • Mobile PT or
  • Any kind of PT

We can transform it - and fast!

Through my fitness business coaching, Samantha was able to put her resources into action and save her studio from closing down.

Samantha's personal training studio was losing $5,000 per week and was about to shut down. Through an aggressive motivational attitude and applying my techniques she was able to increase her revenue to just over $10,000 per week.

Catherine has put her fitness business resources into action and has secured her fitness niche.

Catherine has put her fitness niche and branding resources to work at her gym - and as a result is charging higher prices and experiencing a competition free environment.

Client discovering her 'hidden' self and how it affects her personal training business.

Another happy client discovering how much her mindset affects the way clients perceive and approach her. In addition to everything else, Just a tiny mind tweak can make you have a powerful presence clients love being around.

Through our fitness business coaching, Catherine increased her minimum charge to $149.

Alexandria increased her 2x30 min sessions to $149 - which is a $50 increase from her previous rate. This was due to finding a 'honey pot' in her demographic which allowed for that.

Personal trainer using a 4 phase technique to sell herself with anyone she comes into contact with.

Another satisfied client applying her fitness business coaching resources and becoming her own 'human billboard'. As a result, Zara can now market and sell her PT to anyone she comes into contact with.

You've probably came to this page because you're searching for a fitness business coach. Wanting help with your PT business is another reason why you're here. Perhaps you’ve tried listening to others, reading or asking for assistance – only to realise nothing has worked for you.

That's why this page is relevant to you because despite your current situation, PT Power Club's fitness business coaching will result in an immediately clear, more focused and driven mind. Not only that, it’ll also give you the direct solutions you’ve been searching for and quick answers to any problem you’re currently facing in your PT business.

O.K. You've convinced me! I'm ready to have PT Power Club's business coaching by my side.Furthermore, it's free... and just takes 1 minute (Press Here).
Client expressing her gratitude and importance of having a clear, focused personal training business plan.

Since completing Charlotte's new personal training business plan, she now has new directions and clear insights where she wants to take her PT business. The key here was applying without delay.

Just one session of what our fitness business coaching can do if you really open up your mind.

Laura's first session really opened up her mind to the possibilities of her fitness business. After all, a long lasting, powerful mindset is needed to be successful in this industry.

Client expressing the importance of having a personal training business plan.

When having a powerful fitness marketing plan in your PT business, clients come to you, they're easier to close and leads flow in on a consistent basis throughout the year.

The effects of proper flyer advertising with the right fitness business coaching and resources.

We found a hidden 'honey pot' in Sienna's local area which all of a sudden filled her studio with clients paying between $69 to $139 per week. In similar fashion the same principles can be applied to your business too.

At PT Power Club, we make your business unique so when people think 'personal trainer' in your area, they immediately think of you.

Imagine running a PT business with no competition. And when leads call you, they're doing so to check your availability. In fact, they're ready to buy before picking up the phone or emailing you. This is possible because you'll be given the most powerful marketing, branding and positioning strategies a PT can possess.

You receive our help even if you're just starting out and have no idea or no money. And it doesn't matter if you've been in the industry for many years and want to expand your market share. A PT Power Club coach will make you money from the very first week.

So, whether you're a gym contractor, working from home, from a studio or a mobile PT; we have solutions to turn your business around, no matter what type it is.

At PT Power Club, your business is created for you. Your competitors won't know your secret - and in most cases your clients won't know either.

We do this by formulating a powerful niche marketing strategy for you which allows you to:

  • Attract leads who feel confident and feel like converting just after speaking with you. (This is done by attracting clients designed for your personality).
  • Turn on a marketing strategy so powerful - you'll never receive a sales objection, ever. (Imagine clients Ready-to-Buy before meeting you).
  • Have privileged knowledge not taught by anyone else. All concepts were developed ourselves and have innovated all marketing channels within the fitness industry. Only those part of the PT Power Club community know and use these principles. (Our client getting strategies that are at least 20 years ahead of what others are teaching).
  • Discover how to Stand Out and be different from all other trainers in your area. Allow clients to choose you over your competitors. (It doesn't matter how saturated your area is. You're guaranteed to bust through and stand out like no other).
  • Create a powerful fitness brand within your community that takes people's eyes off price and makes your business the most valuable asset in their lives. (It's very easy in becoming a high-ticket, in demand personal trainer within your community).

In your free fitness business coaching, you can choose any one of the above points and we'll solve it over the phone for free.

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If you didn't click the red button above, you're probably wondering... "do I even deserve fitness business coaching?"

Client giving a real example of always being prepared to sell in any situation.

Katie's example above showcases the combination of blending authority, opportunity and preparation to take advantage of every situation to sell more personal training. Above all, her willingness to succeed at all costs is the secret she has.

Through our fitness business coaching, this personal trainer hired his first trainer and was in control despite being nervous.

Ashley was first daunted and 'nervous' interviewing and hiring his first trainer. But with the right structure, he was always in control and the process was much easier than expected.

Personal trainer using my business resources to hire her second trainer.

Just after a few years, Emily hired her second trainer and is now enjoying the responsibilities of managing her own staff and expanding her PT business to help even more people in her community.

Personal trainer mentioning the power of marketing and how she was able to double her income.

Paige was excited when she nearly doubled her annual income. A lot can happen if you sincerely take responsibility for your personal training business.

You most likely entered the fitness industry because you have a passion to help people. As a PT, you maybe thought your genuine passion to help, assess and transform your clients was enough to earn a good living.

You enjoy being around your clients and love passing on your knowledge and ideas to help your clients achieve their goals. However, after much time spent giving it all, you’re realising something’s not right.

Many PT’s at this stage are not happy with how much money their Personal Training business is making. And they‘re stuck, not knowing how to change it. Being unsure about which path to take in becoming financially stable is perhaps worrying you.

If you were ever believing that in the hope, 'one day' your PT business will get better on its own, it won't. It never will. And deep inside, you know it. You have to make the change. And in spite of what you once believed, these changes have to happen now.

There would have been times your business flowed well, but those times were mostly short lived and you’re wondering how you can achieve PT business success consistently throughout the year – without any worries where your next client’s going to come from. And this perhaps frustrates you, making you feel mentally drained and constantly thinking..."What am I doing wrong?"

Are you currently feeling ‘burnt out’, not knowing what to do next?

Being mentally burnt-out worrying about your PT business -and constantly thinking “is this for me?” or “was I really made for this?” is not what you signed up for. You didn’t enter this industry to ‘worry’.

You've come into this industry to enjoy making money doing what you love most. You did this because you wanted to create a life of freedom with a sense of direction, goals and a better life.

Your PT business is probably not exactly where you want it to be right now. You want to change it. You’re desperately looking for an answer. A way out. Something. Even a glimmer of hope is all you need to stop frustrations climbing.

Not only that, as a fitness professional - you want something predictable, easy to implement and feels good doing it.

Well, you’re in luck because you're receiving my fitness business coaching that’ll immediately soothe all tensions, relieve all emotional pain and smooth out your mind so you can envision a clear, pleasing new direction in life.

Because you want to live a fulfilled life as a PT, you can fastback it today because...

Apply for your FREE coaching. And within just 30 minutes of speaking with us, you'll immediately have:

  • A new hope and clear business direction together with all the resources you need.
  • An instant way of receiving new, high paying leads so you can instantly get out of any trouble you're in.
  • Higher prices and closing clients without rejection and at the same time increasing your closing ratio.
  • Immediate systems to operate like a successful business person.
  • A predictable forecast with the new systems in place so you have a clear direction where you're heading.
  • A short 30-day marketing plan that'll continually bring you clients.
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Your PT coaching session includes:

  • Troubleshooting potential issues
  • Analyzing current pitfalls.
  • Market analyses.
  • New systems to put in place.
  • Pricing analyses.
  • New lead-generation ideas.
  • Implementing a strategic plan.
  • Solving all your immediate problems.
  • And loads more!
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