Here’s Why I Can Make You Stand Out, Think Differently and Live a PT Life On Your Own Terms.

My name’s John and I’ve been helping PT’s develop powerful brands, marketplace positioning and niche marketing systems since 2011. In fact, I build entire fitness businesses around a trainer’s niche because I’m all about making you stand out, being noticed and have a hungry army of begging clients pleading to be your clients.

Ever since I began my fitness career, I was always known as the ‘outsider’ who never fitted in. From corrupt bosses to downright dirty manages, every attempt to silence me and my ideas started from the very first day of my fitness career – and continued ever since.

Nearly every gym manager, fitness director and big box gym in Melbourne don’t want me near any of their trainers due to the ‘threat’ I have in expanding their minds and my history of creating free-thinking, independent trainers; something manages and fitness directors can’t deal with.

Even to this day when I provide fitness business coaching to trainers working in big box gyms, they’re afraid to tell anyone I’m their coach due to the fear of unfair treatment their managers will encroach upon them.

Through my guidance, all types of trainers – including those working out of a gym, studio owners, mobile and home based PT’s all enjoy a life of happiness, freedom and of course, profits. They get to fully express themselves and dominate their marketplace, niche and live a competition free business.

Below is an audio excerpt of my story’s humble beginnings starting as a personal trainer and how the industry’s ‘ugly truth’ began from the very first day – and continues to this day.

Please ignore the audio pops, cut-outs and static.

My battle with Fitness Australia.

I always wondered (as with many other trainers) why in the world do we pay for fitness registration. It’s not necessary and we don’t need it. Fitness Australia got into the minds of trainers early in their career, indirectly making them believe paying them was necessary.

I produced a video in 2015 which was first of its kind in Australia where I exposed Fitness Australia and their deceptive conduct entitled the ‘Fitness Australia Fraud’. In that video I outline how registration is never necessary and I outline how they ‘trick’ trainers into paying them. From that, I had trainers all over Australia contacting and thanking me on the information I provided for them.

In fact, many trainers have messaged me saying how Fitness Australia have forced their authority and ‘revoked’ people’s fitness qualifications – forcing them to shut down their studios and completely change careers. The funny thing is that your cert 3 & 4 are yourproperty and Fitness Australia has absolutely no power over you whatsoever.

Due to this giant awakening, Laureta Stace (the CEO of Fitness Australia at the time) decided to challenge me on LinkedIn by assuming my intentions and making untrue statements about why I produced the video. After I replied with a lengthy 2500 word response outlining the law and other things – I never heard back from her.

2 months later she resigned.

Here is my video entitled: The Fitness Australia Fraud.

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