PT Power Club’s Frequently Asked Questions…(and answers).

No. A specialty refers to a skill that you have mastered. People come and see you because you’re perceived to know more about that skill due to you constantly dealing with it and studying it more than anyone else. Some broad examples include specialising in ‘boxing’, ‘fat loss’, or ‘bodybuilding’, ‘pre/post natal’, ‘Pilates’, ‘yoga’, and so on. Generally trainers who ‘specialise’ are known for their specialty.


A niche on the other hand is a special kind of person you attract into your business. For example, if you just train overweight women, that’s a niche. If you just train people interested in MMA fighting, that’s a niche. Fernwood’s niche is women, not men. Now for the differences: Let’s say you specialise in boxing. Now, you can attract all sorts of people; men, women, those looking to get fit, those interested in entering the ring, etc. In other words, a specialty refers to a technical ‘skill’ a trainer may possess and a niche refers to the kinds of people you attract into your business.

It’ll restrict the kinds of clients you train, but it will not restrict the amount of clients you train. This is a major trap PT’s fall into that devastates their fitness business. If you try appealing to everyone, you attract no one; that’s called a ‘generalist’.


As a generalist, people don’t know what you stand for and you’re not defined in the marketplace. By you trying to attract ‘everyone’ into your business – you’re perceived to have no focus and because of this, you’re vulnerable to competitors. You’re only viewed as a ‘trainer’, nothing more, and nothing less. That’s the worst place to be in.


However, when you segment your forces, define yourself and attract a specific niche, people pigeonhole you as the expert.


This way, you attract way more clients who not only have more respect for you, but stay with you longer and pay more for your services.

Absolutely! That’s our speciality. We have the most detailed and unique procedure for doing so. We’ve helped trainers all over Australia from beginners to veterans of the industry find and develop their very own fitness niche. We all have a niche inside us and we not only help you find it, we also assist you in developing and making it part of your individuality and brand. We also make certain all marketing, branding and client converting methods are tailored for your unique personality and genetic mark-up. Remember, we don’t have systems for you; we develop systems for you.

At PT Power Club we have mastered the art of Niche Marketing. We know it so well, we’re always helping fitness professionals discover deep hidden truths about their clients and ideal customers they never knew existed.


We first run your business through our Niche algorithm and specific formula’s to see if you’ve unlocked the true power of your fitness niche. Then, through our advanced marketing and branding strategies you’ll unlock extra income streams, bolster your brand and eliminate your competition (and future competitors).


There are more clients to be found. There’s always room to grow – and there’s always the next level of expansion, no matter what stage you’re at. We help you every step of the way.

No. A U.S.P (Unique Selling Proposition) is something that’s so unique about your business, your competitors can’t claim or do. It’s basically what you’re ‘known’ for that attracts customers to your business and who are willing to pay you over all other options available to them. It’s usually embedded into your business structure, but mostly it’s a statement used in your marketing material. For example, a PT may have a U.S.P of “30 day complete body transformations” or Curves has “get a complete workout in just 30 minutes” or a generic one could be “Results in 30 days or your money back.” Remember, a U.S.P. like your specialty, orbits around you and what your business provides that no other competitors can claim.


A Niche on the other hand is a kind of people who are attracted to your business. They are 2 totally different things and concepts. However, U.S.P’s are largely outdated now and we’ve proven them to be ineffective when compared to our sophisticated PT Power Club marketing style. The U.S.P was invented in the 1970’s and it worked well then, but now things are different. U.S.P’s cannot differentiate your business like they used to. They have many flaws and we expose them. In today’s fierce competitive personal training world, U.S.P’s are a bad, short-lived – outdated idea.

Mentors are generally people who have slightly more experience than those who they’re mentoring. Mentors usually take mentees under their wing and provide support and guidance to prepare them for future roles within an organisation.

In other words, if you’re being ‘mentored’ – you’re only being taught what another person has experienced within an organisation and are only taught within those restricted parameters.

A mentor is purposely biased and only teaches you what he or she believes is good for you. They naturally do not know what’s required to excel you towards what’s required to reach your true, unique possibilities as a human being.

So, if you ever wanted to think outside the box – and release your full potential and be innovative within your industry and be known for something unique and different, then mentoring is not for you.

A coach on the other hand is an outside thinker and can immediately tell you the problems and challengers you’re facing in life and in business. A coach looks at all aspects of your business and detects your problems, then provides immediate solutions you can implement right away.

A coach is an outside thinker that can view your business from angles a mentor cannot. Also, a coach provides quick implementation strategies with specific goals in mind required to excel your business to the level you desire.

A mentor helps your business from the mentor’s perspective, which is limited and biased. A coach is objective – and makes you see your business from a much larger perspective and creates a much bigger, clearer picture of where you can take your business (and what you can do with it). Then, the coach teaches you and ‘coaches’ you to fulfill those business goals.

With a mentor, you’re limited to only what the mentor knows. With a coach (who is way more experienced and knowledgeable than a mentor), you’re provided with unlimited growth opportunities and the only limitations are those you pose on yourself.

At PT Power Club, we provide a fitness business mentor service as well as PT business coaching, depending what level you're at.

In a standard sales process when prospects come and see you, you’re trying to find the ‘reason’ why they’re seeing you – then attempt to fit a solution to their needs. At the end when you ask for the sale, you may have to overcome objections like “I can’t afford it”, “I need to think it over”, “I need to ask my husband/wife/partner”, “I have no time”, “I want to do it on my own first” and “I’ve had a trainer in the past and it didn’t work out”.


Now, through PT Power Clubs unique style – we eliminate all objections and the sales process. We get inside your prospects mind and subliminally turn on their ‘buying’ signals before they meet you. You’re also taught ways to trigger those buying signals in general conversation and arouse desire inside your client in face-to-face interactions and consultations. This is an advanced form of marketing that only PT Power Club has mastered, no one else.

The bulk of your business building comes from your marketing efforts. As you get more and more customers signed up with you – and you have your retention in place then your business has the foundations to grow organically. We assist you from:


  • Building lead generating websites.
  • Content creation
  • Unique & powerful client & staff retention.
  • Writing promotion material.
  • Developing custom lead generation funnels.
  • Hiring the right team members for your business (and associated contracts).
  • Managing team members.
  • Setting sales targets.
  • All the client contracts you need (including risk management).
  • Launch new facilities.
  • Expanding your business reach.


And we do all this tailored to your fitness niche, further bolstering your brand within your community and marketplace.

John is a Human Behaviour Specialist and he has been studying and applying the art of unconscious influence for over 12 years.


He knows how to get inside your mind and discover the processors which make you unique and special. And since we all have a certain genetic mark-up of our personality, beliefs and mental capabilities – John works with your ‘uniqueness’ and develops systems you can operate with naturally. And this goes with selling yourself, communicating with your clients and running your fitness business designed by you, for you.


This way your authenticity comes out into the marketplace and we develop systems that support your way of doing business from the bottom-up. Don’t forget, there are many ways to achieve an outcome and you have your way already built in inside. We help you discover it.

This is the position we love helping trainers in. In fact, if you have competition in your area, then PT Power Club can’t wait in setting you apart and differentiating yourself from your competitors.


In most cases after a few short months, your business surpasses your competitors and you’ll have a strong hold within your community that cannot be taken away. And this is possible even if you’re a beginner in the industry. Remember, you are different; you are unique; there’s nobody else out there like you. Our specialty is differentiation and we make you thrive (and love doing so) in competitive areas.

Every method, strategy, tactic and PT business concept is revolutionary in the industry. For example we are the first ones to pioneer a complete non-sales way of signing up new clients. We have strategies that eliminates the ‘sales’ presentation and having to deal with ‘objections.’ We work with each individual and spend time discovering hidden aspects of your personality that you can build your own system around.


You were born with unique gifts and talents and we build your business around those. We work with you, the individual. We don’t impose any predefined ‘system’ onto you. In other words, your business is built live, from the bottom-up; this way, there’s never any ‘failure’ as everything you do is within your natural capabilities. There’s no ‘forcing’ pre-defined ideologies onto you.


When an organisation promises how great their ‘systems’ are, then they’re only talking about the PT’s who forced and pushed their way to fit and mold into those systems – while disregarding everyone else where their systems failed.

While others have trust in their ‘systems’ – we have trust in you; the trainer.


All concepts we teach are developed from scratch in the forms of processors, algorithms, formulas and so on. As a result, no one else in the industry has access to this guarded information.

Due to the fact that we encourage uniqueness and free independent thinking, you will not find this information in any CEC course. CEC courses are pre-packaged, pre-defined and pre-approved from people who have inferior, outdated knowledge in the industry. No one has the right to approve anything we produce or develop. You cannot define or package what we have in store for you. All processors, formulas and algorithms we have are unique and cannot be referenced for ‘approving’.


That’s why the CEC systems encourages old, wildly outdated information that purposely doesn’t fit within every trainer’s personality and learning style. It therefore eliminates creativity and reassures information is delivered from the top down, a ‘forcing’ nature we don’t stand for.


Watch our video below entitled: The Fitness Australia Fraud.

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