If you run a Melbourne fitness business, then this is...

...For The Trainer Who Wants To Dominate, Crush ALL Competition, Convert With No Effort and TAKE Their Fitness Business To A Whole New Level.

If you're that PT - you've landed on the right page!

John brings Top-Level, 'Tells you how it is' fitness marketing, sales and branding systems to regular PT businesses across Melbourne. He's the go-to specialist for Melbourne based fitness businesses.

If you can handle a daily fresh flow of leads while still having the discipline  to build and work on your business (without feeling overwhelmed), you may qualify to work with us.

Please note, we are looking for 5 Personal Trainers to work with in total.

So, If you're ready to:

  • Attract leads who feel confident and feel like converting just after speaking with you. (This is done by attracting clients designed for your personality).
  • Turn on a marketing strategy so powerful - you'll never receive a sales objection, ever. (Imagine clients Ready-to-Buy before meeting you).
  • Have privileged knowledge not taught by anyone else. All concepts were developed ourselves and have innovated all marketing channels within the fitness industry. Only those part of the PT Power Club community know and use these principles. (Our client-getting & lead strategies are at least 5-10 years ahead of what others are teaching).
  • Discover how to Stand Out and be different from all other trainers in your area. Allow clients to choose you over your competitors. (It doesn't matter how saturated your area is. You're guaranteed to stand out and be different like no other).
  • Create a powerful fitness brand within your community that takes people's eyes off price and makes your business the most valuable asset in their lives. (It's very easy in becoming a high-ticket, in demand personal trainer within your community).
  • Put it place powerful business systems that makes your fitness business run more efficiently so you can focus on training and all the admin takes care of itself.

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