If I get You Leads, Would You Call Them The Same Day?

If you can handle a daily fresh flow of leads while still having the discipline  to call them quickly, build and work on your business (without feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious), you may qualify to work with us.

Please note, we are looking for 5 Personal Trainers to work with in total. And we can only accept a maximum of 2 PT’s in any given suburb.

John is your trusted Melbourne fitness business coach and mentor.

John is a Melbourne Fitness Niche Marketing Expert helping Personal Trainers Find Their Unique Difference in the Marketplace.

John brings Top-Level, ‘Tells you how it is’ fitness marketing, sales and branding systems to regular PT businesses across Melbourne. He’s the go-to specialist for Melbourne based fitness businesses.

Your FREE PT Coaching Session Includes:

Solving all your immediate problems.

Immediate relief from the most urgent business issue you may have.

Analyzing current pitfalls.

I'll easily solve 3 important issues that's hindering your fitness business.

Market analyses.

I'll analyse your competition and see where we can position you so you stand out.

New systems to put in place.

New business structures to support the new efficiency I'll provide. Also a system in place to support your new leads.

Pricing analyses.

If you need a new pricing structure, I'll develop one so you earn the maximum per hour possible within you market.

New lead-generation ideas.

New online and offline lead gen ideas that last all-year-round.

Implementing a strategic plan.

A short term business plan to execute your new found strategies.

And loads more!

This is only the beginning...